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 Brothers In Christ Software

Our mission is to devote our time, talent and treasure to assist you who are on the front lines in fulfilling the Great Commission by standing in the gap between you and computer technology, and to adapt technology into easy-to-use tools that will allow you to be more effective in all that you do.

Simply put, we want to partner with you to help build The Kingdom.

We are Christian software developers.

This is our lay ministry; we are here to assist you in any way we can. We have the programming experience and the tools to help you.

We design and write computer software for Christian ministries. Combined, we have nearly 50 years experience designing, programming, modifying and supporting ours and other parties software in many different areas ... Christian and secular.

Our expertise includes:

  • contact/member/customer management
  • monies received (donations, contributions, accounts receivable)
  • monies paid (expenses, disbursements, accounts payable with check printing)
  • fundraising and other campaign management with pledges made, receipt tracking
  • inventory management (books, audios, videos, serialized, lot numbers)
  • pre-season sales contracts and inventory reservations
  • pre-delivery order entry and inventory reservations
  • invoice and billing management
  • sales history and reporting
  • vendor management, invoice tracking and check writing
  • employee management, time card entry, check writing, direct deposit transmittals
  • financial record keeping/reporting, double-entry general ledger and fund accounting.

We use Microsoft Access® for our database management projects. All work is performed by us. We do not outsource any part of our projects to programmers in foreign countries. You can be assured there will be no language barrier while meeting your needs in designing, developing, programming or supporting your projects.

In addition, we develop websites for churches and other ministries. We develop our own websites for our products using XSitePro2®.

We would be happy to discuss your needs and/or projects with you.

Contact us today and let's get started!

We currently offer these complete products for church management and donor management:


Working Church

 Working Church - Church Management Software



 Working Broadcaster - Donor Management Software

 Working Broadcaster - Donor Management Software


Free demos are available for each of these products. Click the links above for more information, or to download a copy of the demo(s). 



Please note, we tithe 10% of all sales back to Christian ministries.

We welcome your suggestions where these funds can be used effectively.


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